Instant Skin Recovery Mist 100ml

A super-hydrating & balancing beauty toner. Incredibly softens & soothes your complexion. Revitalizes dull, fatigued skin. Tightens pores and refines skin texture. Helps penetrate deeply into pores to absorb sebum at its source. Leaves skin feeling perfectly clean & clear. Offers optimal hydration to skin to prevent dryness. Skin appears fresh, purified & matte-looking.A refreshing alcohol-free lotion that brings new radiance, softness, and balance to blemish-prone skin. Lightly rehydrates and leaves skin smooth and comfortable. Deeply moisturizes, and instantly helps retexturize skin, making it more receptive to further skincare treatment. Immediately evens skin tone and refines skin texture.


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Open pores, shines, devitalized skin, redness, imperfections?

The facial mist with pleasant texture that provides a fresh and soothing sensation to your face thanks to the moderate cold effect (cryotherapy). The product carries a bioenergetic formula that stimulates and revitalizes the skin, improving it´s regenerative and detoxifying capacity. It matifies greasy shines common to the male skin.

Concentrate in spray format provides an immediate hydration of the facial skin. Quickly absorbed. Leaves no trace. Doesn’t contains oils. Mild masculine fragrance.


Treatment area : Face and neck


Properties : Matifying, illuminating, detox,  refreshing, reinvigorating


Skin type : For all skin types



Apply the mist after cleansing your face, before the serum and / or cream. Use the tonic mornings and nights, the tiny drops of the mist easily enter the pores, multiplying its moisturizing effect.


Results :

  • Pleasant sensation of relief and freshness.
  • The skin is mattified and reinvigorated.
  • Prevents irritations and rashes.
  • Excellent for fixing the make-up.


Directions of usage : Spray on your face 2 or 3 times per day in a fine mist. Wait until it dries or gently pat dry alter few seconds. Avoid the eye contour area. Apply the product ca. 10cm from the face.


Technical advise : You may want to store INSTANT SKIN RECOVERY MIST in the refrigerator to enhance its freshness. It is recommended to use the mist after shaving and before applying Oxygen Anti-Fatigue Hydro Gel. Applied on two cotton pads and put on the eye area for 10 minutes significantly reduces the puffiness of eye lids. Apply after the usage of make-up to fix it.


Actives : Allantoin, Collagen, Ginseng, Aloe Vera



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