Multi Action Peeling Gel 100ml

A purifying cleanser that contains micro-granules, for a gentle exfoliating effect. Helps remove impurities & exfoliate away dead skin cells while decongesting clogged pores. Skin appears smoother & purified in a healthy radiance. Instantly recovers a more radiant & ultra-luminous skin tone. This naturally advanced gel will enhance the removal of the deepest types of freckles, dark and yellow spots. Provides long lasting & abundant hydration. Skin feels refreshed and silky-smooth to the touch. Leaves skin fresh, sleek, luminous & youthful looking. Perfect for all skin types. Prepares skin for maximum results with serums and moisturizers while eliminating build-up of impurities. Reveal fresher, softer skin with this non-abrasive sloughing cream.



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Impurities, blackheads, dead skin, acne, dullness, shines, large pores ?


Designed to exfoliate the skin and reveal a brighter, healthier complexion. Similar to the facial peels provided in salons and medical aesthetics clinics, reveals younger skin, reduces acne and even out your skin tone. Thanks to exfoliating grains of botanical origin, the product helps eliminate roughness, dead cells and blackheads and gives the skin luminosity of a youthful skin. Your skin will be smooth and ready for shaving. Reduce excess oil and normalizes sebum, encouraging the reproduction of new cell layers. Also softens skin wrinkles and small scars or skin blemishes.

The product has a transparent gel texture with soft micrograins for exfoliation. Properties of menthol bring a pleasant sensation of freshness and leave the skin receptive to all the cosmetic treatments applied later. It is easily removed with water. It eliminates the excessive production of oil and balances the sebaceous secretion without drying the skin.

Treatment area : Face and neck

Properties : Smoothly exfoliating, revitalizing, mineralizing, calming, refreshing

Skin type : For all skin types. Do not apply on skin with severe acne and on wounds. Excellent for oily skin to regulate excess sebum. No other contraindications.

Usage : Apply two or three times a week depending on your skin type. Sensitive skin should  be exfoliate twice a week. Never in consecutive days. Oily skin should be exfoliated three times a week

Results :

  • Removes impurities and leaves the skin smoother and revitalized.
  • Softens and smoothes skin preparing to any other treatment.
  • Stimulates cell renewal.

Directions of usage : Apply a small amount of the peeling gel on wet face and neck with smooth movements. Avoid  the eye contour. Leave to act 3-5 minutes. Wash with plenty of water.

Technical advise : Focus on areas of more excessive secretion, like nose, forehead and chin. There is the highest concentration of black spots and dead cells in the facial skin.


Removes impurities and excess sebum from the skin without leaving it dry

Scrub contains polishing fine rice powder grains to gently exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells

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