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Men typically have a thicker dermis and epidermis, higher sensitivity, produce more sebum, and have larger pores than women. Their pH is also more acidic, and they tend to form a greater number of deeper facial lines and hyperpigmentation issues. Additionally, men continually battle a number of skin challenges as a result of shaving (including ingrown hairs, dryness and razor burn).

While many of the products and treatments we use today still work on men’s skin, those specifically designed for men will be more effective – simply because the formulations and levels are more targeted. For example, since men have thicker skin and beard growth, using a daily toner with acetylsalicylic acid that specifically aims to reduce curvature of the hair to eliminate ingrown hairs
(pseudofolliculitis) will decrease irritations and sensitivities.

The face of the man and woman are subjected equally to all kinds of external aggressions ( UV rays , temperature changes , pollution) and the natural aging process. Hormonal differences and daily aggression make shaving men's skin is affected by specific problems. Men secrete a thicker than women and longer hidrolipídica film.

To meet the skin of its tasks must have a proper cell activity, to the extent that this altered cellular activity of the skin functions deteriorate , thus showing a varied symptoms such as dryness , itching, burning sensation and tightness. In man one of the reasons that more alter this cellular activity, particularly on the face , is shaving.



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The operation of shaving is a continuous assault on the skin →

Produces a deterioration of the hydrolipidic barrier with consequent dehydration and appearance of dryness , itching and erosions are sometimes gateway to multiple organisms . The way to improve cellular function and thus alleviate or prevent these problems is to provide substances skin cells to help them improve their activity and therefore its functions.


 → The aging male skin is slower and late

Starts from age 25 and lasts a lifetime. From age 40, male skin begins to suffer from problems of dryness, thickness and tone. It is then, when wrinkles will become deeper , especially in the forehead , around the eyes and forehead. Daily shaving prevents skin cell renewal and systematically punishes the skin, causing irritation , and dryness enquistamientos . Other factors that negatively affect men's skin were age , fatigue , stress , pollution, poor diet , sedentary lifestyle, snuff and alcohol. Similarly, exposure to ultraviolet rays UV unbalances the natural renewal of collagen , and causes the appearance of deep wrinkles.


Generally , the skin of the woman begins to produce less sebum from age 30, while the man said secretion does not decrease until age 50 . This grease film can cause clogging of the pores , thereby delaying cell regeneration and oxygenation of the skin that appears dull and grainy . In man the dermis is richer in collagen and elastin fibers , cutaneous stimulation is higher than in women and their skin is therefore thicker and firmer. All cellular structure (hair , glands) is androgen - dependent , ie under the influence of male hormones . Men have a hair more developed system than women.