The facial cleansing daily is an essential step to take proper care of mixed skin. It is necessary to clean and purify the face twice a day, morning and night. To do this, use a cleansing gel specific for this type of skins, is preferable to the soaps that are more aggressive. Apply gel with circular movement in the T zone of the face to remove excess fat and then get slightly by other areas.

Avoid removing the gel with hot water, since it can produce more sebum secretion and dry skin damaging its natural barrier and therefore accelerating their ageing. Ideally, do it with cold or lukewarm water. The combination skin care requires the application of a tonic to remove impurities, close pores and refresh the dermis.

Hydration is key in any skin type but always adapting it to your needs. In the case of mixed skin, it is essential to use a moisturizing gel with astringent, antiseptic and soothing. To apply you must extend small amounts of product cheeks, which is the area that requires more hydration, and then for the rest of the face.

A perfect care for mixed skin is to make a exfoliation and apply a nourishing mask once a week.






√ Exfoliating gel Multi effect

The skin removes all the imperfections that cause the blockage of pores, and consequently the appearance of blackheads and grains. It helps to regulate excess sebum. She is skin clean, illuminated and receptive to any other cream that is applied later. A must for oily skins. Your application 2 or 3 times to the semna will help keep the skin in good condition.



√ Hydrating gel Anti fatigue

It provides needed hydration to the skin to maintain their good condition and prevent wrinkles and signs of aging.Matifying properties it has to regulate sebum secretion. It provides illumination to the skin of the face, leaving it soft and silky. Excellent recovery cell, with soothing effect, for after shaving. Daily use will allow to make the skin look radiant. It brings a feeling of frecura and well being to your face throughout the day.



√ Intensive Anti age cream 24 h

Nourishing night cream, restores the skin after each day, providing the collagen needed to regenerate the skin and removing wrinkles from the face. Complemented by a good hydration, skin visibly improves its condition and prevents signs of tiredness and age. Essential in the cold months. To reaizar a mask must apply a layer of cream on the face and let stand 10 minutes. Remove with cold water.



√ Misting refreshing oxygenating

Tonifies the skin revitalizing its State. You have properties calmentes and oxigenantes. It provides the skin an instant feedback. Quickly eliminates the glare on the face. The skin recovers its natural state and delviendo a healthy tone. It provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. Essential in the months of summer and after shaving, since it eliminates the reddened areas.


√ Hyaluronic Serum +

Product with maximum efficiency, thanks to its high concentration of assets, acts in the layers of the dermis by filling in wrinkles with hyaluronic acid while it moisturizes your skin internally to prevent next signs of envejecieminto.



√ Repairing eye gel

Cared for and maintained the good condition of the area around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive of the whole body. Therefore, it requires a proper care. Erase the signs of age and tiredness, recovering a young and fresh look.


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