It is the type of skin that everyone would like to but few have: firm, elastic, flexible, matte and clear. The texture is fine and smooth, uniform and smooth touch, the fresh appearance and tone transparent and luminous; It has no wrinkles, or blackheads and dilated pores. When you pinch it is difficult to crease and caused crease disappears as soon as the pressure is released. This type of skin occurs almost exclusively in children before puberty, and in any case, its qualities do not last beyond age 25, when normally it becomes dry. This is the reason why products for normal skins are increasingly scarce.



Basic treatment for normal skins.


Essential for normal skin treatment is one that maintains and preserves the fragile balance of hydration and sebum: products too many rich compounds of active molecules, since they can break the harmony on which rests the skin should be avoided. We had to choose, on the other hand, light moisturizers that help conserve the elasticity and flexibility and protect from external aggressions (pollution and Sun), responsible for the majority of imbalances.